Computer Lab

A. Kindergarten

A2. Life Science Activities
A3. Learning Planet
A4. Counting Seahorses
A5. Superkids Reading
A6. Dr. Seuss’ Seussville
A7. The Cat in the Hat
A8. ABC Mouse

B. 1st Grade Links

B2. Science Activities
B3. Mrs. Moore’s Spelling City
B4. Moby Max
B5. Xtra Math
B6. Superkids Reading
B7. Storynory
B8. i-Ready
B9. ABC Mouse
B10. Nearpod
B11. Illuminate Online
B12. Sumdog
B13. Teach Your Monster to Read – Patel
B14. Teach Your Monster to Read – Moore, Sweeney, Welch
B15. Prodigy Math
B16. Splash Math

C. 2nd Grade Links

C1. Spelling City – Grade 2
C3. Science Activities
C4. Moby Max
C5. Xtra Math
C6. Superkids Reading
C7. Read Naturally Live
C8. Storynory
C9. i-Ready
C10. Tenmarks
C11. Illuminate Online
C12. Sumdog

D. 3rd Grade Links

D1. Ms. McCarty’s Spelling City
D2. Mrs. Newman’s Spelling City
D3. Mrs. Gordon’s Spelling City
D4. Mrs. Newman’s Kid Blog
D5. Mrs. Newman’s Today’s Meet
D6. Civics Lesson
D7. Science Activities
D8. Smarter Balanced Practice Test
D9. Read Naturally Live
D10. Xtra Math
D11. Accelerated Reader – Renaissance Learning
D12. Clever
D13. i-Ready
D14. Hundreds Chart
D15. Nearpod
D16. Motion Math

E. 4th Grade Links

E1. Science Activities
E2. Smarter Balanced Practice Test
E3. Splash Math
E4. Read Naturally Live
E5. Xtra Math
E6. Accelerated Reader – Renaissance Learning
E7. Clever
E8. i-Ready

F. 5th Grade Links

F1. 5th Grade Spelling City
F2. Ms. Yant’s Spelling City
F3. Read-Write-Think
F4. Science Activities
F5. Xtra Math
F6. Smarter Balanced Practice Test
F7. Accelerated Reader – Renaissance Learning
F8. Clever
F9. i-Ready
F10. Nearpod

G. Science

G1. National Geographic-Solar System
G2. Kids Astronomy
G3. Smithsonian Planets
G4. The Human Body
G5. Volcanoes
G6. Sky-Map
G7. Global Wind Patterns Activity
G8. Earthquakes for Kids
G10. OMG Space
G11. Gizmos
G12. Little Alchemy
G13. eSchoolToday

H. Animals

H1. World Wildlife Fund
H2. Sheppard Software – Animals
H3. A-Z Animals
H4. Konica Minolta – Endangered Animals
H5. San Diego Zoo
H6. Defenders of Wildlife
H7. Science Kids
H8. Soft Schools
H9. Animal Fact Guide
H10. PBS Kids – Wild Kratts
H11. National Wildlife Federation – Ranger Rick
H12. National Geographic Kids – Animals
H13. Animal Corner
H14. Arkive
H15. Kids Biology

I. Microorganisms

I1. Biology4Kids
I2. Science Kids
I3. Children’s University
I4. BBC – Microorganisms
I5. Mocomi

J. Rainforest Websites

J1. Monga Bay
J2. Rainforest Alliance
J3. Rainforest Animals

K. General Research Websites

K1. Monterey Bay Aquarium
K2. Enchanted Learning
K3. National Geographic
K4. National Geo for Kids
K5. Fact Finding Practice

L. President Research Project Websites

L1. American President
L2. The White House
L3. Fact Monster – Presidents

M. State Research Project Websites

M1. 50 States
M2. Awesome America
M3. Enchanted Learning
M4. Factmonster – States
M5. Netstate
M6. State Symbols USA
M7. Teachers First – States
M8. ipl2
M9. State Populations – 1900-2010

N. California Mission Websites

N1. California Missions Foundation
N2. The Spanish Missions of California
N3. Mission Tour

O. Country Research Project Websites

O1. Timelines: World Countries A-K
O2. Timelines: World Countries L-Z
O3. Factmonster – Countries

P. Biographies

P1. Fact Monster – people
P3. Ducksters
P4. Garden of Praise
P5. Infoplease
P6. Kid Info

Q. The Gold Rush

Q1. Ducksters – The Gold Rush
Q2. Kidport – Gold Rush Timeline
Q3. – 8 Interesting Facts
Q4. California Gold Rush
Q5. Watch, Know, Learn – Gold Rush Videos
Q6. Huntington – Interactive Story
Q7. PBS – Gold Rush Info and Game
Q8. Klondike Gold Rush
Q9. Discovery – Gold Rush

R. California

R1. About California – Sheppard Software
R2. About California – Kidport
R3. Helicopter California
R4. California Cities Hangman
R5. California Games – Spelling City
R6. California Quizzes – Sporcle
R7. California Geography Quiz
R8. California Pacific Coast Quiz

S. Native Americans

S1. Ducksters
S3. Infoplease
S4. Kids Connect
S5. Legends of America
S6. Mr. Nussbaum
S7. Native Languages
S8. Trail of Tears Webquest

T. Math

T1. My Math
T2. My Math (simple log-in)
T3. IXL Math Practice
T4. Hooda Math
T7. Sheppard Software
T8. Illuminations
T9. Soft Schools
T10. Sumdog
T11. Math Playground
T12. Visual Fractions
T13. Mult. Timed Trainer
T14. AAA Math
T15. Oswego Math
T16. Fun Brain Math
T17. Order of Operations Games
T18. Missing Addends
T19. Missing Numbers
T20. Rounding Off
T21. Ten Frame
T22. Multiplication Array Game
T23. Number Pattern Games
T24. Position Game
T25. Clifford Position Game
T26. Math Nook
T27. Cool Math
T28. Splash Math
T29. Kahoot!
T30. Xtra Math
T31. Gizmos
T32. Fraction Matcher
T33. NLVM – Virtual Manipulatives
T34. Cool Math 4 Kids
T35. Mr. Wolfe’s Math
T36. Free Training Tutorial – Math Games
T37. Tenmarks

U. Social Studies

U1. Monterey Herald
U2. Time for Kids
U3. NewsELA
U4. Battles of the American Revolution
U5. Legends of America
U7. El Civics Lesson
U9. Highlights Kids

V. Language Arts Games

V1. Scholastic Reading
V2. Grammar Blast
V3. Language Arts Games
V4. Grammar Gorillas
V5. Noun, verb, or both?
V6. Proofreading Practice
V7. Quia – Helping Verbs
V8. Reading Games
V9. Explode The Code
V10. Brain Pop ESL
V11. Read Naturally Live
V12. Accelerated Reader – Renaissance Learning
V13. Storynory
V14. Sheppard Software – Language Arts
V15. Story Starters
V16. Quia – By the Great Horned Spoon
V17. Sarah Plain and Tall games
V18. ReadWorks

W. Miscellaneous Websites

W1. Quia
W3. Academic Builders
W4. Free Rice
W5. Kids Geo
W6. Fun 4 the Brain
W7. Mr. Nussbaum
W8. Science Museum Games
W9. Jigsaw Puzzles
W10. Dr. Seuss’ Seussville
W11. The Cat in the Hat
W12. Air Pano
W13. TVO Kids
W14. Learning Planet
W15. Nearpod
W16. BrainPOP
W17. Topmarks Education
W18. Interactive Sites for Education
W19. All About Chocolate

X. Typing

X1. Typing Training
X2. Dance Mat Typing
X3. Soft Schools Typing
X4. Slime Kids Typing
X5. Free Training Tutorial
X6. Sense-Lang Typing
X7. Primary Games Typing
X8. Power Typing
X9. Free Typing Games

Y. Holiday Games

Y1. Primary Games – Holiday Games
Y2. DLTK Games – Holiday Games
Y4. Google Santa Tracker

Z. Tests

Z1. Smarter Balanced Practice Test (CAASPP)
Z2. SRI/SMI – Scholastic
Z3. Illuminate
Z4. i-Ready
Z5. Bright Bytes Tech Survey

AA. Coding

AA2. Made w/ Code
AA3. Bitsbox
AA4. Lightbot
AA5. Scratch

BB. Art

BB1. Mr. Picasso Head
BB2. National Gallery of Art games
BB3. Color a Dinosaur
BB4. Hero Machine
BB5. Flame Painter
BB6. Sketchpad
BB7. This is Sand
BB8. Surprise!
BB9. Google Quick Draw

CC. Computer Safety

CC1. Digital Safety
CC2. Internet Safety Guide
CC3. Stop Bullying
CC4. Net Smartz Kids

DD. Geography

DD1. World Map Puzzles
DD2. Sheppard Software – Geography
DD3. Lizard Point Geography
DD4. Map Games

EE. Resources

EE2. (translation)
EE3. Citations
EE4. Power Thesaurus

FF. U.S. Constitution

FF1. Scholastic – Celebrate the Constitution
FF2. Constitution Web Quest

GG. Creation

GG1. Educreations
GG2. We Video
GG3. Fantastic Contraption