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Mr. Parker
Computer Tech/Teacher
Room E3
831-646-6460 ext. 213

Computer Lab

A. Kindergarten
B. 1st Grade Links
B18. IXL
B19. iRead
C. 2nd Grade Links
D. 3rd Grade Links
E. 4th Grade Links
F. 5th Grade Links
G. Science
H. Animals
I. Microorganisms
J. Rainforest Websites
K. General Research Websites
L. President Research Project Websites
M. State Research Project Websites
N. California Mission Websites
O. Country Research Project Websites
P. Biographies
Q. The Gold Rush
R. California
S. Native Americans
T. Math
T1. Swun Math Student Resources (Class Code Required)
T2. Swun Math Homework/Video Lessons
T2. Swun Math Assessments
T3. IXL Math Practice
T4. Hooda Math
T7. Sheppard Software
T8. Illuminations
T9. Soft Schools
T10. Sumdog
T11. Math Playground
T12. Visual Fractions
T13. Mult. Timed Trainer
T14. AAA Math
T15. Fun Brain Math
T16. Order of Operations Games
T17. Math Learning Center
T18. Missing Numbers
T19. Free Training Tutorial – Math Games
T20. Ten Frame
T21. Multiplication Array Game
T22. Number Pattern Games
T23. Position Game
T25. Math Nook
T26. Splash Math
T27. Kahoot!
T28. Xtra Math
T29. Gizmos
T30. Fraction Matcher
T31. NLVM – Virtual Manipulatives
T32. Cool Math 4 Kids
T33. Mr. Wolfe’s Math
T34. Prodigy Math
T35. Greg Tang Math
T36. Math is Fun
T37. Math Games
T39. Math Game Time
T40. Kids Math Games
T41. Math Chimp
T42. Legends of Learning
T43. ST Math
U. Social Studies
V. Language Arts Games
W. Miscellaneous Websites
X. Typing
Y. Holiday Games
Z. Tests
AA. Coding
BB. Art
BB23. Photopea
CC. Computer Safety
DD. Geography
EE. Resources
FF. U.S. Constitution
GG. Creation