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School Reopening

Forest Grove has established a Reopening Task Force to gather feedback from our community and provide input as PGUSD plans the reopening of schools for this fall. If you have concerns or comments, please connect with one of our Task Force members who will share the concern at our next meeting.
Our parent members are Audrey Lorca ( ), Carolyn Swanson ( ), Jennifer McNary ( ), Mike Loomis ( ), Edwin Morticorena, and Claudia Guitierrez. 
Our teachers on the Task Force are Summer Wright, Nate Welch, Shannon McCarty, Irene Valde, Mary Quindimil, and Counselor Zoe Roach.
Our classified staff is represented by Office Manager Deborah Marchese, Lead Custodian Oscar Orozco, Instructional Aide Silvia Mah, and Computer Lab Instructional Technician Carey Parker. 
Families are always encouraged to communicate with Principal Roggeman as well. Contact information for Forest Grove staff is available on our homepage.