Student Wellness Committee

As early as 2000, the California School Boards Association began an effort to educate schools, school boards and communities on the critical link between nutrition, physical activity, health, and academic achievement, and to support districts across California in building healthier school environments.

During the 2004-05 school year, our District formed a “food service improvement” group, a Board sub-committee to examine the PGUSD food service program and identify means by which improved food services could be achieved.  This group put forward recommendations to the Board of Ed. on May 19, 2005.

The urgency of adopting a comprehensive approach to improving student health was increased by a requirement under section 204 of the Federal Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act (passed June 30, 2004) that school boards establish local wellness policies by the beginning of the  2006-07 school year.  The policies must include goals for nutrition education, guidelines for all food sold to kids, and a plan which structures implementation and includes ongoing review of related activities.

Students need access to healthful foods and opportunities to be physically active in order to grow, learn and thrive, and it is clear that these healthful practices contribute to student attendance and academic achievement. The District is committed to providing a school environment that supports well-being and the ability to learn.

Community participation is essential to the development and implementation of successful local wellness policies. A committee of parents, students, food service staff, school board members, administrators, and members of the public have worked together during the last twelve months to develop policy ideas and recommendations.

Information, as well as links to other wellness-oriented sites, is offered here to invite community members to respond, support, and assist in the continuing development of appropriate policy.

Positive Food Choices
Many other items not listed may meet standards. Please refer to product labels. These references are offered as an informational resource, not an endorsement.

One of the many informative features of this website is the “Nutrition Calculator” which will determine instantly whether or not an individually packaged food item would meet the nutrition standards for fat, saturated fat, and sugar established by California legislation.

Two very comprehensive lists, one of healthy snacks, one of beverages – all items in compliance with CA SB19 standards. The beverages meet guidelines set forth by LAUSD Healthy Beverage Resolution of August 27, 2002.

Seven pages of healthy snack items with preparation and serving tips:

Healthy Foods list developed by the County of San Bernardino, Department of Public Health and California Project LEAN: Several pages of SB 19 -compliant snack and beverage items with complete nutritional analysis at a glance. Lists also include pricing, packaging and portion information. Complete.pdf Complete.pdf Bar.pdf

HELP (Healthy Eating Lifestyle Principles, Inc.) is a Monterey County organization partnering with MCOE, the United Way, Monterey County Department of Health, CSUMB’s Farm to School Program, the Big Sur International Marathon, and many other agencies to promote wellness through nutrition, physical activity, and health education in all school curricula.

Healthy Fundraising Alternatives
The following are offered as an informational resource, not an endorsement.

Community involvement fundraising, a listing of suggested events for schools, sports, and clubs including some which support academic activities. This site was developed by the California Department of Health Services, and California Project LEAN. It presents many resources and ideas, as well as links to 20 other “healthy alternatives” fundraising organizations.

Resources for healthy schools including creative financing and fundraising, snack and vending ideas, communication of policy, etc.:

Fundraising that promotes a healthy school environment.

Suggestions and products for school fundraisers that teach nutrition: This site offers ideas for generating revenue with products that educate parents and are beneficial to children’s health.

Assistance and consultation in the development and implementation of golf-related fundraisers for schools (based in Monterey County):

Monterey County’s own Healthy Eating Lifestyle Principles website with helpful links to other statewide agencies specializing in nutrition education, physical activity, disease prevention, and lifestyle choices:

List of 50+ non-food fundraising ideas:

Healthy fundraising alternatives for parent and student activity groups are offered by this company. Seasonably available fresh produce for fundraising and for monthly nutrition education units: