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Mr. Parker
Computer Tech/Teacher
Room E3
831-646-6560 ext. 3213

Tech Lab


I. Rainforest Websites

I1. Monga Bay
I2. Rainforest Alliance 

K. General Research Websites

K1. Simple Wikipedia
K2. National Geographic for Kids
K3. Britannica Kids

L. President Research Project Websites

L1. American President
L2. The White House
L3. Fact Monster – Presidents 

M. State Research Project Websites


O. Country Research Project Websites

O1. Factmonster – Countries 
S11. Kiddle

W. Miscellaneous Websites

W13. PBS KIds
W14. Blooket
W16. Kahoot!

X. Typing

X1. Typing Club

Z. Tests

Z1. SRI/SMI – Scholastic

AA. Coding

AA10. Tynker
BB13. Pixton

DD. Creation

DD1. Tinkercad

EE. Google


FF. Research